Stories- the window that offers an insight into what it means to live a life! It’s stories that celebrates the life as it comes. Good or bad; sad or happy; all one does is live through it. Perhaps stories open the world of untapped potential that one can maximize. It’s just this string of words that connect with each other to tell such beautiful narratives of life that make you experience all the emotions of life-changing without actually living through it. So, if a character is going through a bad phase of life, it’s you living that bad phase and if it’s a happy time- you wouldn’t mind smiling or maybe even laughing. And that’s the beauty of stories, which also is its power- the power to transcend one into a different world altogether. Call it a suspension of disbelief or escapism, but stories to do celebrate life.

Book Buddies

Book Buddies, a book club based in New Delhi, celebrated the art of storytelling at its sixth anniversary at the beautiful Anupam Gardens in Sainik Farm. The artists, specially invited from Mumbai, recited and enacted two short stories of Padma Shri Vijayadan Dheta. It was interesting to note that while many book clubs are full of readers of Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon, Marcus Zusack and so many others, here was another book club that put the regional and hindi literature to the members’ notice. 

Story 1

“Kankad Moti or Kinwad”
KENCHULI (Vijay dan detha)
“Kenchuli” has been metaphorically used for confinement, be it any. Lachi gets married to Gujar, and is persistently wooed by thakur and the middle man Bhoja. Things become worse when she tries to make her husband understand her agony.



Story 2

MOOJI SOORMA(Vijay dan detha)
Mooji soorma is an epitome of being scrooge.
It is a tale of a business man who escapes his funeral pyre by impressing goddess laxmi through his miserliness.

Much like their work, the artists also performed with great flair and exuberance. Graduates of National School of Drama and performing in the circuits of Mumbai, both the artists were unanimously loved for their performance.

Artist Performing in Book Buddies event

The story narration by Ajit Singh Palawat and Ipshita Chakraborty was mesmerising, the characters in these stories were enacted with such poise that they actually came to life for the audience. Lachi’s beauty, anger,disappointment and final disillusionment, was brilliantly portrayed. Bhoja’s super sneaky intelligence, the nameless Gujar’s cowardice led the audience into splits. The second story portraying the Baniya’s steadfast miserliness in the story was received very well too.

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Funny how these two stories hailing from Rajasthan connected with people in the national capital where they all were laughing and enjoying every time the occasion came. Well, that’s the power of stories. It brings people closer, even if you don’t relate to them. The event was very well organised and the Bloody Mary and wine and whisky flowing on a sunny Sunday afternoon added to the charm. The club coordinators Suman Gorwaney and Cookie Maini organised a gala lunch after the performance concluded.

Book Club

Cookie Maini (Third from left) and Suman Gorwaney (second from right) with the artists