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Jokes on demonitisation

Demonetization survey be like “Is this plan bestest???” A. Yass B. Totes C. Ekdum amaze D. Saif wala Wow ———– Guys Please pray for me. I will be going to the hospital tomorrow morning. I think I have a problem… Continue Reading →

Nasya performing at The Grub Fest (Oct-14-16th 2016)

The Grub Fest is India’s biggest food festival with the best restaurants displaying their signature delicacies over some good music and hearty performances to keep you entertained. Take in the aromas, try out interesting cuisines, fill your baskets with unique… Continue Reading →


This friday,in keeping with its series of one of a kind “ACTS” Circus is all set to rock the night away with its ACT XIX featuring NASYA. Nasya is a fusion rock band that has carved a niche for itself… Continue Reading →

Rustom – movie review

First day first show is something I always wanted to do. So when the much awaited Akshay Kumar movie was going to be released during independence day weekend, I had already booked it online two days before. Another patriotic film,… Continue Reading →

Saddi Dilli

There are all kinds of things one notices when you come to delhi. The hustle and bustle of the city, the pollution, traffic, the autorikshaw walas. Delhi hasn’t changed at all since I came here few months ago. On a… Continue Reading →

A Short Story Part 1

With my face buried in the pillow, I cried quietly, hoping not to wake my housemates. I turned the lock, pushed against the frame carefully, and stepped to the side. He was there, waiting for me. I took his hand… Continue Reading →

Gen X Love or something like it – On Skype!!

It had been a week on skype chat. They got to know each other through facebook. Rahul had added Sonia and she had accepted his request. Photos were exchanged and they started speaking to each other. She was in delhi… Continue Reading →

Meetup.com – a great way to make new friends

Wondered what to do in dubai when you are new. Well, look no further. Meetup is here. Yes, your one stop place to finding new friends outside the internet. Yes, real people and real conversations up close and personal. Whether… Continue Reading →

Movie Review – ‘The Intern’

I recently moved to my new apartment in dubai. Let me tell you it feels good to be independent. The fun thing is that you do everything on your own. From laundry to cleaning to washing dishes, your place really… Continue Reading →

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