Curvometre– Edition 1 was held on March 9th & 10th, 2019 at Art Buzz Studios, Okhla- an Iniative by Ishita Bhattacharya

About Curvometre– Plus size is all the rage and to not leverage that rage would be criminal! We understand that the plus size clothing market caters to more than 50% of the fashion market and yet very little has been done to put that on the fashion forefront.

So we took up the challenge and we present to you Curvometre™, India’s 1st ever Plus size convention, over the Women’s day weekend, to celebrate sisterhood that comes in all shapes and sizes. The event will have pop up shops from many other homegrown brands as well as workshops and panel discussions to make every participant feel like the ‘Queen’ they rightly are.

You would understand and echo our sentiment that we want to instill the idea of being the change makers and rather than waiting for that miracle to happen, bringing in the change ourselves. Obesity isn’t cool, we understand that but that gives no one the license to be body shaming others, neither does it call upon bullying. Of the two, obesity and body shaming, body shaming is most certainly the bigger villain. 

There being no existing IP (intellectual property) to tackle the plus size styling and women being more prone to body shaming than men (studies actually show this, trust us), we kick off our 1st edition of the first-ever plus-size convention of India, Curvometre™ over the women’s day weekend. This is in addition to the fact that women are also the trendsetters in terms of Fashion (undoubtedly) more than men, as they dare to pave the way, most men shy away from experimenting (But of course, not everyone is Ranveer Singh! after all).

The event was attended by leading models plus size women who have won many awards and titles in the past. The event also had many panel discussions on health and fitness. Fitness expert Shweta Rai Bajaj graced the sessions with her presence and spoke about fitness and the meaning of fitness. Jeesha Chowdhry, Swati Chawla, Leena Biswas who are proud winners of Plus Size beauty paegants were also present. Plus size Models like Dipti Bharwani also took part in the discussion on whether fat is the new fit. Bodyshaming was one of the main topics of the discussion too.

Author Karan Puri with fitness expert Shweta Rai Bajaj
Makeup Artists showcasing talent with panelist
Karan With Swati Chawla