Gurugram is all set to witness an entrancing evening of poetry organized by Delhi Shayari Club at the newly opened Kunzum Travel Café, Gurugram. Powered by Showhouse events, the evening will celebrate Urdu poetry by providing a platform to highly acclaimed and budding poets alike to recite their rendition of soulful poetry.

Delhi Shayari Club has roped in some of the highly acclaimed poets in the country. The poetry evening will be organized in the eclectic ambience of Kunzum Travel Café- complete with charpoys, hammocks, and bonfire ideal for winter weekends;  where listeners can partake in the magic that is created by poetry. The lineup includes some of the prominent poets of the country including Farhat Ehsas, Shariq Kaifi, Tarkash Pradeep, Vipul Kumar, Imtiyaz Khan, Pallav Mishra, Abbas Qamar, Abhinandan Pandey, Aqib Sabir and Shahbaz Rizvi.

Delhi Shayari Club started in April 2017 is highly popular in the poetry circle and is expanding its reach to the mainstream crowd. For the past one year, this unique poets’ society, featuring students, corporate professionals, film lyricists, and more, has been organizing regular informal meetings, or baithaks, such as this one to celebrate Urdu poetry. Delhi Shayari Club aspires to entertain and engage audience from diverse backgrounds in an organic way.

Urdu poetry is fundamentally a performative poetry and its popularity remains unaltered even today. Poetry constitutes an important part in literature and helps contribute towards building culture. Especially Urdu Poetry is also popular among the younger generations .Poetic expositions (Mushairas) are held today in metropolitan areas worldwide are a testament to the cultural influence of South Asian diaspora.

The new Kunzum Cafe is five-storeyed and spread over 8,000 sq. ft, hemmed in by scenic lawns. What’s new here is not just the physical space, but scaled up features at Club Kunzum. Some basic things about Kunzum never change: there are coffee, tea and cookies still on a pay-what-you-like scheme!



A40, Kibithu Villas Complex, Sector 47

Opposite Good Earth City Centre / Hilton Garden Inn Baani Square