Ek Bar, the modern cocktail bar with a distinctly Indian flair, collaboarated with Skullduggery, Kuala Lumpur’s ‘definitive, hidden bar,’ that is both stylish yet playful and serves delicious and inventive cocktails to a discerning audience.


A dim, cozy cocktail parlor that feels like a private, affluent member’s club, Skullduggery (which means ‘secret behavior’) still offers a sense of mischief via its décor, which includes a wall decorated with copper skulls and a toy train that delivers shots to patrons. Classic cocktails that focus on technique and precision are the highlight, while those who enjoy a touch of innovation will enjoy the house cocktails, that offer complex, unusual libations.

On Wednesday, September 5 and Thursday, September 6, 2018, James Estes, Director of Mixology for the Huckleberry Hospitality Group (of which Skullduggery is a part) and Head Bartender Abel Sukau introduced a well-curated cocktail menu to Delhi’s drinking crowd, which will showcase fresh elements typically found in Southeast Asia, and unique ingredient combinations.


Cocktails on the pop-up menu included Sake It To Me, vodka, lemongrass, sake, calamansi (a citrus fruit), jasmine, Himalayan pink salt, and tropical pepper; Bunga Raya Club, gin, lemon, rice wine, hibiscus and chick pea; Keluarga, white rum, lime, coconut, pandan (a tropical plant), and ginger; Tamarinda, blanco tequila, pink grapefruit, lime, tamarind, vanilla, mint, and soda; and Mandarin Old Fashioned, bourbon whiskey, mandarin and white chocolate.






Vodka, Lemongrass, Sake, Calamansi, Jasmine, Himalayan Pink Salt, Tropical Pepper



Gin, Lemon, Rice Wine, Hibiscus, Chick pea



White Rum, Lime, Coconut, Pandan, Ginger



Blanco Tequila, Pink Grapefruit, Lime, Tamarind, Vanilla, Mint, Soda



Bourbon Whiskey, Mandarin, White Chocolate



James Estes began his career on the London bar scene at some of the top private members clubs and speakeasy bars, under the tutelage of industry masters Zdenek Kastanek (Proof and Co.), Dre Masso (Ex. Potato Head Group) and Esther Medina Cuesta.  In 2013, he moved to Dubai to open the city’s first speakeasy bar, Suga.  In 2014 he opened the highly acclaimed jazz/cocktail lounge, Blasé, located within a soundproofed room inside the infamous Cavalli Club.  While in the Middle East, James placed as a finalist for both Bacardi Legacy (2014) and Diageo World Class (2015) cocktail competitions and worked as the Belvedere Vodka Brand Ambassador for the UAE following his victory in
the Best of Belvedere Cocktail Competition (2015) with his signature
cocktail, the Onyx Martini.


Another signature cocktail of his (and entry for Bacardi Legacy), “Mother Superior”, reached global renown after being listed as one of the “25 Cocktails to Drink Before You Die” by the Huffington Post.  From 2016, James began working as a freelance beverage consultant, and along with numerous guest bartending appearances, has bartended and trained bartenders in over 20 countries globally in 5-star hotels and resorts, and standalone venues.  In early 2017, James moved to Kuala Lumpur to open his own bar, “Jack Rose,” which launched in July 2017 and was shortlisted for the award of “Best New Cocktail Bar” in the KL Bar Awards ceremony held in October 2017. Along with being a bar owner, James also now holds the title of “Director of Mixology” for the Huckleberry Hospitality Group in Kuala Lumpur (Skullduggery, Birch, Mezze and Huckleberry), and represents Ocho Tequila as the brand ambassador for South East Asia.

Current Head Bartender of Skullduggery and a rising star on the Kuala Lumpur bar scene, Abel fuses local flavours and ingredients that are synonymous with his upbringing on the island of Borneo and applies them to craft cocktail culture.  Ever the pupil, Abel is constantly studying modern bartending methods and techniques, and applying them to his approach, while quickly becoming recognised for his impeccable flair and hospitality.


This exciting collaboration is the second in a series of carefully-curated associations that Ek Bar is focusing on through the year, choosing partners that share a similar culinary philosophy, and look to champion the finest regional ingredients.

About Ek Bar

The Olive Group’s first Indian cocktail bar, Ek Bar first opened doors in late 2015, and has recently undergone a full-scale refurbishment, with an entirely revamped food and bar menu, as well as significant décor and design changes. The space offers stylish, regionally-inspired cocktails by consultant mixologist Nitin Tewari, and small plates by Chef Manu Chandra, that redefine bar food as a genre, in a setting that is both vintage yet sexy. The all-new, ‘Made in India’ Ek Bar is perfect for a refined, discerning audience.


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