Recently was invited as a leading travel blogger at an event to promote Destination Canada for tourists. The event was a very well organised event by Today’s Traveller Magazine and Charson Advisory Services. The event highlighted the importance of Canada as a tourism destination not only for summer season but also for winters. There was a transformative interactive session conducted by Carl Vaz – CEO & Strategy Director, Destination Canada.

Canada has plenty to offer both the adventure seeker and city slicker. Travelers who visit Canada in the winter do so specifically for winter activities like skiing and snowboarding, but even those who aren’t cold weather fans find plenty of reasons why winter is a great time to explore the region. 

Budget-conscious travelers will find that certain times during Canada’s winter season offer extremely affordable airfare and hotel rates. For instance, if you’ve always wanted to see Montreal but are on a tight budget, the slow post-Christmas season is your best bet for great deals. 

Western Canada, including Vancouver and Victoria, have moderate climates and little snow. Of course, the country’s famed ski hills are not far away, offering travelers the best of both worlds.  

The event concluded with a nice lunch meal at the Pluck Restaurant at Pullman, where the Turkish food festival was happening. It was also nice to see that the new Logo that they had was in Red, In heart Shape and when read completely it said “Canada for Glowing hearts”.

Let’s explore canada this winter!

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