If you wanna enjoy an evening gorging on authentic Afghani and Mughlai cuisines, then Pashtoon is exactly where you need to order your food or take away. 
What makes it awesome is the exquisite menu which boasts of yummy dishes like Chapli Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Murg Musallam and Tandoori Phool. Do try them and you will surely crave for more!

Pashtoon brings the rich heritage and culture of the silk route, particularly Afghanistan and Baluchistan, right to your doorstep. Neatly tucked in boxes are age old recipes that were preserved in the annals of food history and are bursting with flavour. Every element of each dish is meticulously curated using only the finest ingredients procured from the source of their origin. What’s more, this five star experience comes without hurting your pocket.

The Chopan Kebab is an experience that is fit for royals. Massaged generously with an array of flavours, the lamb is treated so as to ensure it’s at its best behaviour. The tender meat falls off the bone only to reach your palate and instantly melt. This star definitely shines on the menu. Vegetarians will love the idea of the Tandoori Phool. The cauliflower resembles a tree and just as rain seeps through the roots of a tree, an array of flavours seep into the roots of the cauliflower. The mustardy aftertaste and robust garam masala peps up the palate and the flavour lingers on for hours to come. The Dal Pashtoon takes around 12 hours on the tandoor to cook. With no cream added, this delicacy is the perfect balance of tang and butter. Dunk a cushiony Khamiri Roti into the amalgamation and lunch shall be a pleasant affair.

Great for

Office deliveries, get togethers, parties.

What could be better?

While the Kastoori Kebab was juicy and flavourful, it could have done with a little more spice.

About the Chef

Chef Om Nayak’s first food memory is of making a humble serving of poha in school when his mother was unwell. The feeling of creating something from scratch was exciting, and this is when he realised that becoming a chef was his true calling. After traveling the world and working with the most popular names in the food industry, he decided to be the Cuisine Consultant at Pashtoon. The idea is simple—create stellar dishes using only the most premium ingredients.