“Be a Unicorn!” Heard that one before?

Superlative personal relationships, a satiating job and social popularity…. Life would be just perfect, wouldn’t it? Do you feel that is a far cry? Is the feeling of something amiss from your life perpetually gnawing at you? You’re not alone. We all have the “What Now” moments, where relationships – personal, social and professional, are in dire need of a high state, which , as human as we are, we falter with. Who doesn’t want to be catapulted to social heights, be the talk of the town… basically be resoundingly successful in all spheres? The brighter side is the fact that the missing piece to your life’s puzzle is readily available…. and it is right here!


ProAlpha Finishing School does the magic, the path to…. everything beautiful! Situated on the Golf Course Road, the place has the solution to anything you are looking to resolve. Their courses are top-of-the-line professional and impeccably curated and imparted to help you emanate every bit of positivity you entail. This isn’t a hoax, believe you me! If you don’t yet, read on and decide for yourself.


How much do your sales booming or your peers validating you or how much does your spouse’s demeanour affect you? Identify the areas you want to sort. Once you know the problem point,  choose your type of course… and get sailing on the most revolutionary journey of your life!  ProAlpha is THAT magical a place!

Let me take you on this journey bit by bit-

Corporate Skills


Whether you are the head honcho of your enterprise or an employee, the cutting edge competition is perpetually riding on your shoulders. Making a conspicuous impression is an extremely daunting task. Tried and tested every game there is in the book of competition, yet the success isn’t directly proportional? Now how do you get around that bend?

  • Designed by leading trainers and instructors, this program offers concepts that aim at transforming your organization and executives with a sight that reaps real business benefits.
  • Align your employees’ demands with your vision.
  • Learn the Art of Making a great First Impression that will leave your contemporaries in awe of you.
  • Body Language and how to use it strategically to garner the correct attention and impression.
  • Business & Social etiquette


  • The appropriate Business attire that will go a long way in raking in appreciation.
  • The Art of Networking for harnessing results that you focus on.
  • Communication skills
  • Fine Dining etiquettes that will make you adept for any type of cuisine, hence impressing your Expat colleagues.

Public Demeanour

ProAlpha Finishing School

Have you ever scoured through the coveted ‘Page 3’ and found yourself thinking how every single celebrity masters the art of such display of posture and confidence? Practice does make the man/ woman perfect, and a professional nudge makes them practice! This program is a blend of all that you have wanted to own, basic to advanced principles in the following skill sets and strategies to refine your professional image.

  • Mark of a Man- Now, what more than having that edge over the other men!
  • The Sophisticated Lady- And even better… having an edge over and above other women!
  • Personal branding to make you stand out amongst the crowd.
  • The Young Leaders to work collectively with subordinates and peers alike.
  • The Power Couple- Be  influential in your own right, while being together.
  • Personal & Professional Make-Up to assure you are well groomed during all the hours.
  • Campus to Corporate- Making the transition easy breezy!

Occult & Spiritual Sciences


With plenteous Occult teachers and teachings floating around, it is almost a cult of sorts. But let’s not overlook the real purpose of these sciences. Spiritual awareness isn’t overrated. It is a science, a belief system, that determines your actions, your communicative abilities. Are you looking to improve your relationships with love and forgiveness? Do you want to realise your life purpose or just be at peace? Then this program is built just for you… Learn everything about bringing balance into your life…

  • Astro Numerology
  • Akashic Records
  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Astrology
  • Access Bars
  • Access Facelift
  • Yoga- Cure any physical aches, stresses and lead yourself to healthy living.
  • Meditation- Learn how to align your body and mind in tandem with each other, and make peace, your best friend.

Personal Sessions


We know life can be disconcerting at times, and a little bit of guidance and advice can go a long way in putting life back on track.  Don’t we all just yearn to have that one guiding light to lead us to success and sanity? ProAlpha provides you with that light. Ask the experts, get your personal sessions for Tarot Card reading, Astrology , Numerology  and other Occult categories.

Language Skills


Why is it easier for some people to be overtly comfortable in a foreign country as compared to the others? Language plays a pertinent role here. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, knowing the language, behaviours and culture of the place you are visiting, of course, puts you on a higher beneficial pedestal compared to the others, but apart from that, it is also scientifically proven to enhance your intelligence and confidence levels. It is no wonder then, that most of the high net-worth individuals are known to be multi-lingual. ProAlpha hooks that requirement. Some programs they offer are-

  • Spoken English
  • Spanish
  • French

Life Skill Enhancement


Do you face communicative issues with your peers or with your boss for that matter? Are your ideas not being put through well enough, personally or professionally? Skill enhancement as a program includes training for such life skills. ProAlpha has, in their kitty,  programs on offer to deal with these issues.

  • Money Smart Girl- To be  financially independent, decisive and secure.
  • Stress Management because composure will have you winning.
  • Writing & Authorship –Basic & Advanced
  • Anger Management

What More In The ProAlpha Pandora’s Box?

Workshops & Seminars


First impression IS the last impression…. and most definitely when it comes to forming professional ones. Spending a major portion of your day at your workplace, calls for some management skills that not only would boost your communication and behavioural skills, but will make self sufficiency your middle name too! Prepare yourself for just about any meeting, collaboration and…. even a promotion! ProAlpha’s stack of Workshops and Seminars, takes these skill managements as the focal point.

-Sexual Harassment At Work

-Corporate Social Responsibility 

-Cross Cultural Corporate Etiquette

-Employee Styling & Grooming

-Impact Communications

-Collaborative Thinking- Team Time

-Interview Etiquette

-Presentation Skills

-Table Manners

-Managing Stress At Work

-How to Be An Expert Blogger

-Personal Branding On Social Media

-Creative Writing

-Money Abundance

  • On-Sight Training
  • Faculty Let-Out for Outside Courses
  • One-to-One Training

With my mind set, here is an opportunity for you to bring to your life, everything that seemed impossible before. Join ProAlpha and get what you want…. the right way!




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Contributed by -Dipti dutta