28th October, 2015 to 15th November at Delhi , Ladoo Sarai
Produced as part of Tasveer’s 10th anniversary celebrations, this exhibition includes a selection of works from thirty photographers, including internationally acclaimed seminal photojournalists such as James Nachtwey, Sebastião Salgado and Raghu Rai, to name but a few. Enabled by Deepak Puri’s generous donation to the Museum of Art and Photography (MAP, Bangalore), of one of the most important archives of 20th century journalism in the country, this exhibition will make the collection available to public view for the first time.

Representing the heart of Time Asia for a whole host of people, Deepak Puri, its iconic photo-editor for many years, was a wizard who made the impossible real, and ensured that the world saw the work of many photographic geniuses. His collection of photographs that includes the work of some of the best practitioners of the documentary aesthetic, is a sign of both friendship and gratitude to a true legend who enabled their work and touched their lives.

Photo credits: Rakesh Sahai

Bringing together a range of images made historically momentous not only by their content, but also their style, this exhibition not only re-emphasises the role of photographs as socio-historical documents, but also revisits the power of the still image and its affinity for story-telling — that cornerstone of the best of photojournalism.

Legacy of Photojournalism: The Deepak Puri Collection is a collateral event at the Delhi Photo Festival 2015. Its opening in Delhi will be accompanied by the simultaneous launch of The Tasveer Journal: Publication & Exhibition, also at Exhibit 320.

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